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Why web presence

In order for you, as a company, to become and remain successful, you need an appropriate web presence that reflects your true value. You need a web presence to stay competitive, because your competitors also present themselves well on the Internet. Don’t let yourself be overtaken; Internet is the number one communication channel of this generation.

Even if you already have a web presence, it is not necessarily sure that your website is following the trend. Your customers will evaluate you according to the modernity and professionality of your web presence. Perhaps your site needs to be refurbished, improved or often even redesigned. Secure your consulting appointment with TAHATEK now!

The Internet is like a wave; you either learn to swim with it or you sink.
Bill Gates, Microsoft Gründer

Our services for your web presence

Creation of websites

We use the latest technologies to master your website and create it according to the latest design trends, including Responsive Webdesign.
TAHATEK has two options for creating your new website:

  • Individual Design: Here, after a detailed consultation, an individual design is tailored to your wishes and needs. You should choose this option if you have a very specific idea for your website in terms of design. Our designers will make idea into reality. Secure your consultation appointment away.
  • Website from prepared design sample: Here you can choose a design from numerous samples. We produce your web presence according to this sample. This variant is suitable if you do not have an exact idea how your site should look like. Have a look at our ready-made design samples:

Modernization of existing websites

Our services also include maintenance, renewal and modernization of existing websites, both design and structure.

SEO Optimization

We apply keyword optimization (SEO) to maximize relevant visitors to your site. We also use Google Analytics to monitor your website and measure its performance. On request, we use Google AdSense and AdWords campaigns to multiply visitors to your website



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