GIS Development

What we do

Location-based apps fit within the core of our expertise; we provide location based services and geolocation solutions for web and mobile application. Our GIS consultants have deep experience in dealing and processing and analyzing row data and convert it into geolocation database.

The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it.
Jack Dangermond, Esri

Data collection & Field services

Developing location-based solutions, which let managers to keep track of the field workforce with capabilities to locate individual staff, track deliveries, routing and dispatching operation.

Besides tracking individuals, our solutions can provide data-entry from the field and link to location on the ground

Navigation and Routing

We program real-time routing for efficient fleet and logistics management with integrated location-based software and GPS tracking technologies. We can build our apps based on data from cloud services like google maps or create custom routing services based on custom data.

Asset Tracking

It is important for any company to keep track and visibility on every asset it uses, whether it is an IT equipment, vehicle or machinery or even a human resource. Our service leverage technologies like GPS, barcodes, RFID trackers, NFC tags and to update centralized databases in real time when assets are moved.

Custom Mapping Solutions

We utilize hardware capabilities and features available into devices such as phones, tablets or any other device to create location based applications integrated with any mapping providers like Apple Maps, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap .. etc

Technologies and Expertise

  • Mapping Providers (Google Maps, AppleMaps, OpenStreetMap, MapBox)
  • Native SDK for mobile apps (Android and IOS)
  • OpenLayers, MapBox
  • Geoserver, Esri GIS Server
  • ArcMap, QGIS
  • PostGIS, Sql Server, Oracle Server

Who are our customers

  • Municipalities and Local Government
  • NGOs
  • Trading companies (wholesalers, online stores, etc.)
  • Service Providers (Telecom, ISP, Utilities .. etc)


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