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Why Online marketing?

The Internet – the eighth wonder of the world – has led to a revolution in the retail industry, and it is happening all over the world. The annual growth rate of Internet users is in double-digits, which naturally makes onlineshops and online marketing more popular. According to press releases of bevh from the BEVH (German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association), high volume customers pushed e-commerce sales to a new high of 72.6 billion euros in 2019, 11.6 percent more than the previous year.

Participate in the constantly growing Internet market and profit from the boom of the Internet. Let your clientele grow independent of time and place.

We create your onlineshop

Whether the creation of a new online store or maintenance and SEO optimization of an existing web store, TAHATEK offers professional services for all areas of online marketing and e-commerce.

Our services

THATEK offers professional services around online stores and internet marketing. Among others, TAHATEK offers the following:

xt:Commerce onlineshops

We program powerful online stores based on the market leading platform xt:Commerce. This platform is the optimal solution for your online store and includes all the features and functionalities that you need to start into successful online marketing. More than 150.000 online providers enjoy the advantages of the platform xt:Commerce.

xt:Commerce is a finished product, which saves you the costs. In order to use xt:Commerce, the product must be adapted and suited to your needs. TAHATEK provides services in the following areas to ensure that your xt:Commerce online store is ready for successful use

  • Adaptation of layout and structure: The store will be adapted to your needs and according to your wishes and taste
  • Hosting on the Internet: If you do not yet have a domain or web infrastructure, TAHATEK can do it all for you
  • Integration of your data and content in the store, e.g. products
  • SEO optimization, so that your online store is placed correctly in the search engines and attracts many customers
  • Support after integration until you are able to run S0hop independently.

TAHATEK handles these services for you professionally and all in one hand, so that you do not need any other service providers.

Renewal of existing onlinehops

If you already have an online store with existing products or content and you want to renew this store, but at the same time keep the contents, then you are right with us. TAHATEK can renew existing online stores and bring them up to the latest state of the art or modernize them according to the latest trend. TAHATEK uses effective methods of integration so that your content is automatically imported into the new online store.

SEO optimization for onlinehops

In order for your online store to attract the highest number of customers and generate the maximum benefit and profit, the online store must be optimized for search engines. The so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) is the instrument to ensure that your online store is well and correctly placed in the search engines and presented to the relevant customers.

TAHATEK offers professional SEO optimization for your online store, such as keyword and content optimization, but also structural adjustments so that the online store has an optimal appearance in the search engines. More information about SEO can be found in the Search Engine Optimization section.

To cope with this, an analysis using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools is carried out in two parallel ways: First, the content of your online store is analyzed using Webmaster Tool from Google to see if it complies with the rules of SEO. Secondly, the behavior of your customers in your online store is examined using Google Analytics, which allows us to draw conclusions on the basis of which the online store is optimized.

To accomplish this, an analysis using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools will be performed, which will examine two main aspects: First, the content of your online store will be analyzed using Google’s Webmaster Tool to find out if this content complies with the rules of SEO. Second, the behavior of your customers on your online store is analyzed using Google Analytics. The results are then used to draw conclusions and optimize the online store. For more information about SEO, please read the section Search Engine Optimiazation

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