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The art of combining Software Development and Data Analysis.

Software Development & Data Analysis in one Company

Software development and data analysis


Our services cover areas in Software Development and Data Analysis using Machine Learning (ML)

Data Analysis / Machine Learning

The modern methods of Data Science are nowadays a prerequisite for competition. TAHATEK applies the state-of-the-art methods of artificial intelligence (e.g. Deep Learning) to extract valuable knowledge from data for decision making in your company. This includes services from data acquisition, filtering, processing and aggregating to model building and drawing conclusions.

Software Development

TAHATEK offers high quality services around software development with JAVA, Python and PHP as well as related technologies. This includes data modeling technologies like UML, SQL, Spark/Hive and RDF, API design technologies like microservices, data stream management and distributed systems as well as XML and XLT technology. read more

Web Engineering

TAHATEK offers total solutions and services in the field of web development. Using the latest technologies, such as JAVA / Spring also PHP and NET, we realize entire web applications from analysis and design to implementation and integration. TAHATEK offers web GIS solutions up to the collection and analysis of thematic maps and reports. Read more

Digital Marketing and Onlineshops

Participate in the ever-growing Internet market. Let your customer base grow regardless of time and place. Whether creating new online stores or maintenance optimization of existing stores, TAHATEK offers services around the optimization of digital commerce and online marketing by means of SEO and customer analysis. Read more


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About us

TAHATEK e.U is a company in the field of software development and data analysis, based in Vienna. Specialized areas are Java technologies, web development, GIS based applications  and machine learning. TAHATEK aims for professionality, quality and customer satisfaction.

TAHATEK uses many years of experience in software development and machine learning for this purpose. In the past few years, TAHATEK has strived and successfully managed to achieve the following goals:

  • Leading customers to their goal by the shortest possible routes
  • Meeting quality requirements of the constantly growing demands and challenges of IT

TAHATEK is led by Dr. Abdel Aziz Taha as managing director, who has over 21 years of experience in software engineering and machine learning.

More about our services

Your success is our goal


Dr. Tech. Abdel Aziz Taha

Managing Director of TAHATEK e.U.

Dr. Tech. Abdel Aziz Taha
Founder and Managing Director

More about Dr. Taha


Selected Projects

The following are selected projects that have been carried out by TAHATEK either alone or in cooperation with its partners in recent years. This is not a complete listing, but rather a selection that covers the expertise spectrum as much as possible.

PMTools Web

PMTools Web - Software Development

  • Project type: Web Application
  • Brief description: A comprehensive web-based application for local construction supervision. It includes among others project, task, plan and document management.
  • Technology: JAVA, Sprint, JPA, Oracle
  • More information:  PMTools Web

Construction Cost Management

PMTools - Data Analysis

  • Project type: Desktop Application
  • Brief description: A comprehensive software for all aspects of cost management for construction projects, both cost planning prior to construction and cost control during operation
  • Technologies: JAVA, Swing, JDO/Oracle
  • More information: Bonstruction Cost Management

Never-payer Detection

neverpayer detection

  • Project type: Data Analysis
  • Brief description: Prediction and discovery of mobile users who use mobile network services but never pay, based on user profile and usage patterns.
  • Technologies: DEEP Learning, Python, Sparc/Hive
  • More information: Project details

Vehicle Tracking

JAWAL Telecommunication

  • Project type: GIS Application Development
  • Brief description: Online web based vehicle tracking and monitoring software. It combines state of the art technologies to collect, process and analyze data about vehicles in the field and present it to vehicle operators and decision makers into valuable online and real time reports
  • Technologies: NET MVC4, SqlServer
  • More information: Vehicle Tracking


Rocab taxi fleet management

  • Project type: Mobile development
  • Brief description: Taxi fleet management and mobile taxi booking. The software is used by taxi offices to manage their daily operation and by customers to order Taxi via  mobile app with full tracking and cashing system.
  • Technologies:Java for android, Swift IOS, SqlServer database, .NET MVC – Web API
  • More information: Rocab Website

Brain Science Lab

Brain feedback software

  • Project type: Machine-level development
  • Brief description: Neurofeedbak treatment software which implements Neurofeedbak technology by reading human brain signal rom sensors and passing them through sophisticated analysis algorithms, which then provide the results to therapist for further assessment.
  • Technologies:.NET MVC4, SqlServer
  • More information: Brain games website





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